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Ultimate Madness Tower Defense - game in the genre Tower Defense.

You need to defend your castle from many kinds enemies, using your fingers, weapons and super abilities. You have to tap and kill all enemy.Ballista and ammunition will help you in this war! Properly dispose of their wealth it is the key to victory. We may lose the battle, but not the war!

Features of the game:

- beautiful graphic design in the style of comics

- four map with different backgrounds

- thirty levels of complexity. When you kill enemies you get experience, more experience increases your level

- more ten types enemies (warrior, jetwarrior, giants, UFO, etc.)

- four ways to kill them (tap, tap and throw up,tap and hit the ground, use weapon)

- two weapons (ballista and cannon)

- ten super abilities (laser, saw, press, blast, bomb, cow, spikes, etc.)

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You will find this game perfect if you had a very stressed day :) Love the comic style. I took the chance of making a game review in XtraGeek channel: